Solo First Jump Course

So you are excited to take the challenge of learning to safely skydive on your own?
Then our Solo First Jump Course is perfect for you!

Okanagan Skydive’s Solo First Jump Course is the program where you can accomplish your first skydive, all by yourself, whether you have done a tandem or not.
(Warning extremely addicting) No experience required

This course includes a 4 to 6 hour training program followed by your jump from 3500ft.

Your instructor deploys your parachute for you as soon as you release the aircraft. You will experience a 3-5 second freefall followed by a 5-7 minute parachute ride where you are guided to the ground for your landing via radio.

Your course begins with an introduction to your instructor, our facilities, club, student progression and some general knowledge on the sport of skydiving.

Training includes but is not limited to the following topics:

1. Equipment. You will learn to recognize and identify all the parts of the equipment that you will need to know for your first solo skydive.
2. Aircraft Safety, loading, seating and climb out procedures. A lot of training is performed on learning to climb confidently out of the aircraft to the ready position.
3. Freefall body position and count. Skydiving’s most basic body position (the arch) is taught and trained extensively.
4. Canopy Assessment. During this part of the course you will learn how to recognize a properly functioning parachute as well as what a malfunction would look like in the unlikely event that you had one. Assessing the parachute is the student’s responsibility.
5. Canopy control. Basic canopy flight and steering is trained. You will learn to assess the winds, understand radio commands fly your parachute and basic landing patterns.
6. Landings. Standard landing techniques are taught. These landings are very simple and safe to perform.
7. Unusual Situations and Emergency Procedures. During this part of the course the student is trained on how to recognize an emergency and how to CONFIDENTLY deal with it.

Students are trained to 100% competency, a comprehension test will be written and then…

YOUR FIRST SOLO SKYDIVE!! you will be fitted with a jump suit and helmet. An Instructor will gear you up in our state of the art solo student equipment, you will be safety checked and then board one of our aircrafts with your Jump Master. After a 10 min plane ride you will climb to an altitude of 3500 feet. Guided by the instructor, you will climb out of the aircraft to the ready position. On GO, you release from the airplane with your Jump Master deploying your main parachute. After an exhilarating freefall of 3 to 5 seconds your parachute opens. Following your canopy inspection you will then steer your canopy down into our landing field with the assistance of a ground radio instructor who transmits instructions to a radio attached to your harness. The sensations and feelings of accomplishment achieved during this course and jump cannot be described by mere words. People with thousands of skydives under their belt never forget their first jump!

After your skydive you will receive a video debriefing from your instructor where he will point out what was done well and areas to improve on. Your instructor will help you log your jump, identify future goals and the next steps in your training. At this time you will have the opportunity to buy the raw video of your exit on DVD, for only $15.

Please note: Individuals must be over the age of 18 and under 230lbs to participate in this course. These courses run rain or shine. If the weather is poor the day of your course then you will have up to 1 year to return for your jump. As a student skydiver you must jump a minimum of once every year in order to keep this training current.

After this course and jump your jumps will be only $84!!! WARNING this course requires students to perform lifesaving skills in a fast paced, high stress environment. You must be prepared to do what you learn in this course.

We are proud members of the Canadian Sport Parachute Association and therefore offer a complete licensing program that is recognized worldwide. Our dedicated coaches and instructors will guide you confidently into the surreal world of group freefall and $35 skydives.

We invite you to experience the Okanagan Valley like never before!
From 10,000ft and at 120mph!

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