Bret Chalmers (Dropzone Owner)

License & Ratings: D-1123
Coach1, Coach2, Jump Master, Skydive School Instructor, Ground ControI Instructor, Tandem Master, Skydive School Examiner, Exhibition Jump Rating, Course Facilitator.

Jumps: 4000+ Tunnel time: 24 hrs.

About: Bret is an accomplished freeflyer and tunnel flyer. He has participated in the 2011 Canadian National Head Down Formation Record Attempts. Bret loves teaching people to skydive, and is always willing to coach. If your serious about learning to freefly Bret can take you there!

Bruce Goode

License & Ratings: D-345
Tandem Master, Commercial Pilot

Jumps: 4600+

About: Bruce has been involved in the skydiving industry for more than 38 years.
Bruce enjoys instructing skydiving and flying jumpers. He is our chief pilot. When Bruce is not working at the Drop Zone he is tending to his animals at his ranch.

Sander Dokter

License & Ratings: C-3632
Coach1, Coach 2, Jump Master, Skydive School Instructor, Ground ControI Instructor, Skydive School Examiner, Tandem Master

Jumps: 1800+

About: Sander grew up in Holland. After his first skydive there, he moved to Canada and took the First Jump Course in Vernon. Now, after about 7 years of skydiving, hard work and lots of training, his dream came true; he jumps out of airplanes for a living! Away from skydiving, Sander loves rock climbing and spend time with his wifey Brooke and his daughter Myla.

Calvin Johnson

License & Ratings: C-3479
Coach1, Coach2, Jump Master, Tandem Master

Jumps: 1500+ Tunnel time:2hrs

About: Calvin is a passionate about skydiving, he participate in 4ways, big ways, wingsuiting, and freeflying.
He's an excellent coach and instructor and you'll find him most sundays and wednesdays at Okanagan Skydive.

Rocky Tyson

License & Ratings: C-3773
Coach1, Coach2, Jump Master, Skydive School Instructor, Tandem Master

Jumps: 775+ Tunnel time: 2 hrs.

About: Rocky lives for skydiving. When he is not skydiving, (almost never) he is paragliding, base jumping, or launching high altitude baloons. Rocky is our resident techy. Last year, he built a live view video camera designed for skydiving. Inquire if you would like your friends and family a real time view of your skydive.

Vanessa Chalmers

License & Ratings: B-6691
Coach1, Senior Parachute Rigger.

Jumps: 225+ Tunnel time: 5hrs

About: Vanessa is a fashion and is Okanagan Skydive's official web designer. She helps out around manifest desk. She loves to coach novices and is also a Senior Rigger. She likes skydiving on the sunniest of days.

Rick Vanderhoek

License & Ratings: B-6879

Jumps: 188+

About: Rick is planning on taking the Skydiving School Instructor rating in March and hopefully Jump Master before the end of the year. You will find him at the DZ during the weekends. He's also got a great sense of humour and is always smiling.

Luke Vandale

License & Ratings: B-6974

Jumps: 180+

About: Luke is originally from Vernon. He started his fulltime job at Okanagan Skydive a year ago and became a Coach 1 this past season. Luke is an instructor at Silverstar Ski Hill when he's not packing parachutes.

Andy Stanton (Pilot)

License & Ratings: Commercial Pilot

Jumps: 1

About: Andy owns his own plane as well, and he is always happy to fly skydivers to altitude.

Teddy Bates (Pilot)

License & Ratings: Commercial Pilot

Jumps: 80+

About: Teddy is our full time pilot. He has been flying skydivers since 1986. He loves being at the dropzone, flying planes, and mama. Teddy's experience in the skydiving industry as a skydiving pilot.

Lynn Bates - Mama (Radio)

License & Ratings: Ground Radio Control

About: Mama is always aware of the radio letting Vernon area traffic know when parachutes are in the air keeping everyone safe. Lynn is everybody's DZ mom and she's also always giving out free hugs.

Kristy Calvert (Manifest)

Jumps: 2 Tunnel time: 4 mins.

About: Kristy Calvert is a dedicated mom, avid runner, she is also a sign language specialist. She's Bret's sister. Kristy is a huge part of the team that keeps everything running smoothly at Okanagan Skydive.

Justine Melville (Manifest)

Jumps: 4

About: Justine is Rocky's fiance, she loves walking her dog Zayda and she also works at a pet store. Justine is always smiling and willing to help you. She helps with bookings over the phone, video editing and manifest at the office. She's been a huge addition to the team this year!



About: Sylvie is an experienced packer, she has done a few solo jumps in the past and this year did her first tandem in Vernon after not jumping for a while. She's a really sweet member of Okanagan Skydive and you will find her around the DZ during the weekends.

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