Q: Can I wear my own GoPro?

NO. Every skydiver MUST have 200 jumps minimum before wearing a camera. Cameras are a distraction and when you are not experienced enough it can be extremely dangerous to wear it not only for you but also for your instructor.

Q: How safe is skydiving?

A: Probably safer than your drive to the airstrip. At Okanagan
Skydive, safety is our number one priority. We check and
double check all of our equipment, including the planes. Our staff is experienced, professional and highly qualified.

Q: Is it more fun to Tandem jump or go solo?

That depends on your preference. Tandem jumps require less instruction time and your instructor is right behind you with advice and directives. If you want to go solo on your first skydive, it will take more instruction time and you'll be connected to your instructor by radio.
Either way, skydiving is the ultimate thrill.

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes that are appropriate for the weather. Running shoes or light hiking boots are best; no loose flip flops or sandals. We discourage hoodies; long underwear is a good choice on cold days.

Will the weather affect my jump?

Sometimes. Call us - we will decide.

Is there an age limit for skydiving?

You must be older than 18 years old. Please bring valid picture ID. Or 16 with parental consent. One of the parents MUST be there, and should have a valid ID.

Isn't skydiving expensive?

Not really. Whereas it's not exactly a cheap thrill, we keep our prices as low as possible to ensure that more people have the opportunity to experience the adventure of a lifetime. Once you have your "solo" license (10 to 15 jumps) then jumps are $35

We invite you to experience the Okanagan Valley like never before!
From 10,000ft and at 120mph!

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