PFF Program

The PFF (Progressive Freefall Program) is the most advanced, efficient training method to become a licenced skydiver.

The goal of this program is for the student skydiver to acquire a full set of essential skydiving skills, while participating in this extraordinary experience.

This program will allow you to learn to jump on your own and to obtain your Solo License. The program is very well structured and has proven itself over the years. All of the jumps are made from 11,500 ft or higher with certified professional instructors.


-In order to join our PFF program, you need to have completed our First Jump Course in the past 3 months.
-Each level must be completed within 3 months of the last.

Our PFF program consists of 9 levels, all supervised by experienced CSPA certified instructors.

Prior to each jump, you will receive an extensive ground briefing explaining the jump's goals, practice freefall manoeuvres on the ground.The instructors coach you through obtaining a stable body position in freefall through a simple system of hand signals. Under canopy, an instructor guides you via radio assistance. All the time coaching you to learn how to control and land your parachute safely and with confidence.

After your landing, your instructor will debrief your jump. You will talk about what went well an where you can improve. Areas needing improvement will be practised and your instructor will help you log all of the details in your log book.

Level 1
For the level one, you will be accompanied by two instructors, who will hold you by your sides during the aircraft exit.
The three main objectives of your first jump are:
1. Having a stable body position;
2. Respond correctly to signals from the instructor;
3. Have good awareness of the altitude to know when to open your parachute.
Level 2 - 3
For levels 2 through 3, you will be accompanied by two instructors, who will hold you by your sides during the aircraft exit. The main freefall objectives of these jumps are to learn a stable body position, heading control, altitude awareness and main parachute deployment.
Level 4 - 6
For levels 4 through 6, you will jump with one instructor. The aircraft exits will vary depending on the jump. The instructor will ensure that you are aware of the altitude and will guide you by using hand signals.
Level 7
On the level 7 you will be able to fly on your own. You will make a solo jump to perfect your body position and prepare for the final exam.
Level 8
For the level 8, you will practice a stable emergency aircraft exit from 5000 ft.
Level 9
Level 9 is your SOLO check out jump. You will need to demonstrate an unstable exit (a flip) and a figure 8 in freefall. Our cameraman will film your jump, which will be then analyzed by your instructor. You will leave with a DVD video of your skydive! You are required to pass each level in order to access the next one. All of the jumps are made from a minimum altitude of 11,500 ft., except your level 8, which is done from an altitude of 5,000 ft.

Topics covered in the ground schools include:

  1. Equipment;
  2. Inflight;
  3. Aircraft exit;
  4. Freefall techniques;
  5. Canopy control techniques;
  6. Landings;
  7. Unusual situations.

This course takes at our facility utilizing specialized training aids.

After your 10th skydive you will required to join our non-profit National organization, the Canadian Sport Parachute Association (CSPA). The cost is $89 per year and will provide you with third party liability insurance, a magazine every second month, and much more. After your level 9 skydive you will be required to participate in a Emergency Procedure Review and a verbal exam. Cost for this exam and review are $29 for both. CSPA Membership $84, CSPA Solo Fee $45. Total cost of the program, including the gear rental is: $2821. If the entire program is paid for upfront then the cost is reduced to $2499.

Regular Pricing

Solo First Jump Course $199 per person
Level 1 $399
Level 2,3 $339 each
Level 4,5,6 $239 each
Level 7,8,9,10 $139 each
Emergency Procedures Review $29
CSPA Membership $84
Solo CoP Fee $45
Logbook $20
T-Shirt $25
Package Value $2841

Terms and Conditions *There are 10 mandatory jumps to do for the Solo License. If the student skydiver is unable to complete his or her Solo License within the 10 jumps, then more jumps must be purchased in order to complete the Solo License at the prices shown above.

PFF Package Deal

PFF Package Deal Click for more info.. $2499
We are proud members of the Canadian Sport Parachute Association and therefore offer a complete licensing program that is recognized worldwide. Our dedicated coaches and instructors will guide you confidently into the surreal world of group freefall and $35 skydives.

We invite you to experience the Okanagan Valley like never before!
From 10,000ft and at 120mph!

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